11.5kW Load Bank For Data Center |

11.5kW Load Bank For Data Center |


CRLS 11.5 is a load unit with 2 channels, 1 input per channel, that can operate at independent voltages.


CRLS 11.5 kW at full load:

4404 watts @ 120VAC

8554 watts @ 208VAC

10,576 watts @ 230VAC

11,592 watts @ 240VAC


Product Details

  • Collaboration with the data-center industry, has created a server simulating Load Bank that models real- world scenarios, con rms air- ow computational uid dynamics modeling and maximizes power utilization effectiveness (PUE).
  • Variable controls provide for granular air ow, Delta-T and deferential pressure compensation at various altitudes. This allows the operator to ne-tune the load bank, as to mimic the server it is modeling and match the environmental conditions.
  • Data-centers are built to maintain a 2N (A/B) utility grid redundancy and the CRLS load bank was designed to facilitate that network design. The Load Bank has three load steps per channel, and allows for seven various load combinations, providing for a ne load step resolution.
  • EitherchannelAorBcanbeintentionallydisabledviathemaster load switch. In doing so, the fans and electrical load on that channel can be shut off to inhibit load application for that channel.
  • The Load Bank derives fan and control power either internally from the load under test or externally via a separate line cord. The current draw is 2.6 amperes at 120VAC with the fan at its maximum setting (internal or external power).
  • Can be WiFi enabled.